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    Last Minute 4th July Deals 2015

    Thursday, July 2nd, 2015

    Happy 4th of July 2015God Bless America!

    The country that has seen so many hard times while making it to this day is ready to celebrate in a frisky mood. Independence Day is undoubtedly the most fervent day of the year that is marked by so many enthusiastic events across the country. However, the most important part is Pre-Independence Day Shopping. While the countdown for Independence Day has been started, a need is felt to shop without breaking the bank. The only way to shop around is to shop through Coupon Park and thus celebrating this Independence Day in Coupon Park style. Let’s have a look at some of the mouth-watering deals for this 4th July.

    Sports Authority: Get as much as 70% off on your favorite sports items and other related essentials and celebrate Independence Day in style. (Coupon Expiring July 4)

    Hotels.com: At this Independence Day, Coupon Park chooses the best one out for you when it comes to hoteling. Save 50% off on your hotel bills and avail this limited time offer as quickly as you can. (Coupon Expiring July 4)

    Sears: The Independence Day Celebration is incomplete without Sears and the store is truly the odd one out when it comes to saving. At this Independence Day, they offer you a unique opportunity to save up to 50% off on your shopping. (Coupon Expiring July 11)

    Windy City Novelties: The rowdy idea of partying suddenly pops up in mind whenever we talk about Independence Day’s Celebration. However, there is always a problem of finding a retailer that deliver party supplies at doorsteps and that also with saving offer. Windy City Novelties leads from the very front at this Independence Day and offer you free shipping codes to give a flavor of saving to 4th July partying. (Coupon Expiring July 5)

    Apart from the above mentioned deals, plenty of other offers are also waiting for you on CouponPark.com to help you in saving bucks on this Independence Day. So hurry up and save as much as you can while giving a final touch to your Independence Day Shopping.

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    The Most Common, and Not-So-Common, Chocolates for Valentine’s Day

    Tuesday, January 28th, 2014

    Chocolates Gifts for Valentine's Day

    • See’s Candies: You probably often see See’s candies at kiosks in the middle of your local mall around Christmas time selling chocolates, nuts & chews, brittles & toffees, fudge, gourmet lollipops, and more.Sees Candies Classic Red Heart with Assorted Chocolates Well, did you know that you can get those same great See’s Candie’s chocolates and other candies dressed for Valentine’s Day, too? If your local mall doesn’t have a See’s Candies Valentine’s kiosk then you need to check out Sees.com to pick your Valentine’s favorite See’s candy. Our tip: if you like those old school little red cinnamon hearts, you MUST check out See’s Hot Hearts. While you’re at it check out See’s other unique Valentine’s candies such as See’s Sour Hearts, heart shaped Strawberry Truffles, and Cinnamon Lollipops.
    • Whitman: Whitman chocolates are likely the ones you will see most commonly at Valentine’s Day as you can get them at pretty much any grocery store or pharmacy such as CVS, Rite Aid, or Walgreens. Whitman chocolates often come in chocolate samplers that are in decorated boxes that appeal to the romantic side of your Valentine with pretty, red, frilly heart-shaped boxes or to the kid-at-heart in your Valentine with many favorite cartoon characters such as a Snoopy Valentine, cute cat and dog Valentines, fun and loving sayings Valentines, and more.
    • Hershey's Kisses Valentine's Day GiftHershey’s: If kissing your sweetie is his/her favorite thing, what’s more perfect than a heart covered tin full of Hersey’s kisses (and hugs, if that’s your thing). If you are the creative kind, Hersey’s chocolate is great for baking! Get heart shaped silicone candy molds and melt that chocolate down to make your own sweet treat for your love. Want something creative already put together for you? Check out HersheysStore.com to find a selection of Chocolate Box Towers you can have delivered right to your Valentine.
    • Russell Stover: Did you know that Russell Stover candies are owned/produced by the same company as Whitman’s chocolate candies? Everything we mentioned above about Whitman’s chocolates for Valentine’s Day applies to Russell Stover as well. The difference is that Russell Stover Valentines selections seem to be just a bit more sophisticated and have a little more of a romantic feel to them. Russel Stover also have Valentine’s gift baskets that you can send your loved one.
    • Palmer: Palmer chocolate is what’s commonly known as “cheap chocolate” but that is no reason to rule it out! Some people love it’s chocolaty but not rich flavor. If your sweetie likes chocolate but prefers a mild chocolate flavor, this could be the one for you.
    • MY M&M'S Heart Chocolates GiftM&Ms: You can’t go wrong traditional childhood favorite. Of course, no one wants to just give their sweetheart a little brown bag of M&Ms for Valentine’s Day. That’s why you need to hit the MyMMs.com website and order custom colored M&M with custom sayings on them for your sweetie. You can also choose from a number of different packaging options from teddy bears to glass bottles to heart adorned candy dishes to the traditional candy box.
    • Godiva – One great thing about ordering Godiva chocolates is that they are guaranteed to arrive in perfect condition – the chocolates and the packaging. Another great thing about Godiva chocolates is that they taste like super high end chocolate, but are still affordable! Yet another great thing about Godiva chocolates is that while you can get the traditional assorted chocolate candies and truffles, you can also get things like chocolate covered chocolates, coffees, and hot cocoa, too!
    • Shari’s Berries: Move over assorted boxes of chocolate and long stemmed roses for Valentine’s Day and helloooo chocolate covered berries! That’s right, Shari’s berries is the popular new Valentine’s gift for anyone from your new girlfriend, to your mother who will always hold your heart, to your hot wife. Sharis Berries Valentines Chocolate Covered Oreo CookiesForget the long stemmed roses that will die in a few days after just looking at them and give your Valentine a box of Strawberry Roses that your love can enjoy and savor the flavor little by little. Or you can pick from a variety of Shari’s Berries covered berries and other treats such as Chocolate Covered Oreo Cookies, Hand Dipped Cherries, and so many more choices that you simply MUST check out the Shari’s Berries website NOW! By the way, you may have seen Shari’s Berris on Groupon or Living Social and if you have, great! If not, don’t worry, you can still shop with Shari’s Berries for Valentine’s Day online, but keep your eye on Groupon and Living Social in the future!
    • Ghirardelli – Ghirardelli has become a pretty well-known name in chocolate across the US in the past few years. You may find some selections of Ghirardelli Valentines Chocolates in local grocery stores and pharmacies such as Walgreens and CVS. If you don’t have any luck finding Ghirardelli Valentine’s selections or just want something a bit…more, you should check out the Ghirardelli website for special Valentines Chocolate gifts such as their Sweet Jubilee Gift Towers, the Ghirardelli Cocoa Bear, the Ghirardelli Sweetheart Truffles, and more.

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      Saving on a New Digital Camera

      Friday, July 26th, 2013

      Buying a digital camera can be a rather large investment depending on the brand and style of camera that you want and if you want the best deal you may have to shop around a bit. There are several ways that you can save money on your new digital camera. Some of the best ways to save a bit of money on a new digital camera is to either buy a model that is a bit older or to wait for the one that you want to be on sale but that does not always work out well if you want the newest one available or you can’t wait for it to be on sale for some reason.

      Saving on a New Digital Camera

      Another great way to save money when shopping for a digital camera is to look for coupons either for the specific item or coupons from stores that sell the item that may offer either a dollar amount off or a percentage off of your purchase. These coupons can be found in the form of print coupons that come in your weekly newspaper or online Coupon Codes that can be found in several different places on the internet. You will probably have better luck locating Coupon Codes for various stores than you will finding actual digital camera coupons since they are not really a product that you see specific coupons for all that often but it never hurts to look and see what is out there before you shop if you want to find the best deal possible.

      A great place to start is to look for free coupons at CouponPark. Here you will find a wide variety of coupons and are sure to locate one that will suit your needs. They have coupons from a large selection of stores that carry items like digital cameras and some coupons you will find may even offer free shipping so that you can order it off the internet and not even have to leave the house.

      Whatever you decided is the best way to go when purchasing your new digital camera make sure that you are getting the best deal available by shopping around at as many places as possible and remember that even if one store has it listed for less another may have a coupon making their store the best deal overall. That is a great feature of CouponPark because you are able to see what stores are offering what coupons all in one convenient location.

      Copyright © 2013 CouponPark.com – Any reproduction, retransmission, or republication of all or part of this blog post is expressly prohibited.

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      How to Select Gifts for Your Loved Ones

      Tuesday, April 16th, 2013

      Giving gifts is an older and most effective way to show your love and greetings that you hold for others. It’s a best way to revive an old relationship, strengthen a newish relationship and start a new relationship. Many times in your life comes situation when you have to buy a gift for your loved one. Sometimes they expect some kind of present form you. Buying a perfect gift is sincere as you don’t want to disappoint your loved ones.

      Gifts for Kids:

      Kids love eating and you can never go wrong if you choose to give them some gourmet gifts. There are lots of delicious gourmet gifts basket that you can choose for your any child like Personalized Cookies, Savory Popcorn Tin, Snack box etc. whether it’s the birthday or any other occasion you can you present these gifts to any kid and win his or her heart. You can buy personalized birthday cookies that can fill their heats with immense pleasure.

      Gifts for Colleagues:

      We spend a lot of time with our colleagues and they support us in difficult times. There is lot of choices to select form when you are looking for a gift for them such as Tower of treats, Bakery items, Fruit Basket and many more. They are packed in attractive packing that would surely be loved by your colleague.

      Gifts for Someone Special:

      If you are looking for a gift for someone special then a gourmet gift is a nice choice. The sweetness of the gift will add sweetness in your relationship. You can go for Banquet with Wine, gourmet gift basket with wine or a gift basket for all occasion. Price is surely not a big concern when you can get all you need at lowest possible prices. Simply use coupons like Harry & David Coupons to buy the best gourmet gifts for your lover.

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      Tips To Save Money on Travel

      Thursday, February 7th, 2013

      No matter how much you love or hate your job, taking a vacation is very important. Even if you travel for a few days, you will return more energized and in a better health and mental condition. Whether you want to travel locally or internationally, the expenses can easily wreck your plans. Here are some tips that may help you in reducing your travel expenses.

      • First, you should check with your employer to know if there are any discounts that you are eligible for. Many corporations have contracts with car rental companies that allow you to save money on travel. But, make sure that the discounts apply to personal travel as well as business trips.
      • Sign up for discount packages offered by hotels and airlines. These programs allow you to stay at hotels and get airline tickets both at reduced prices. If you go with Hotels.com coupons you can easily save money on your travel by using their vacation packages.
      • Always maintain flexible travel dates so that you can save on airfare and hotel rooms. If you are not restricted to specific days for your travel then you can easily purchase airline tickets at much-reduced prices.
      • You should travel during off season because at this time of the year, airfares and hotel room charges are reduced. You will find the best rates on hotel stay and airfares during off season. By doing this, you can easily cut your expenses into half.
      • Last, make sure you only purchase the necessary travel insurance programs. There are some credit card companies which may automatically provide you with insurance coverage on travel.  This will let you save a lot of money on these travel expenses.

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      Christmas Gift Wrapping Tips

      Wednesday, December 12th, 2012

      Nothing is more heartwarming and cheerful than seeing a pile of delightfully wrapped Christmas gifts below a Christmas tree. It makes each present look as beautiful as any other gift because someone has devoted his time and effort to give it a stunning look. Wrapping Christmas presents is a fun but you can get bore if you have to wrap lots of Christmas gifts. So you want to wrap them up as quickly as possible. Here are some tips to wrap Christmas gifts in a short span of time.

      • Firstly, get ready with all the tools that you need to wrap the gift such as scissors, labels, pens ribbons, etc. and put them in a box. This will save your time and energy, as you won’t be looking for them.

      • Use a sellotape dispenser. Wrapping gifts can be complex and sellotape dispenser makes Life easier.

      • Use boxes instead of other complex shapes as boxes are easier to wrap than unusual shapes. Gifts wrapped in a box are more pleasing to the eyes.

      • Do not wrap an unusual shaped present with paper, because it will be annoying and will look unattractive. You can use a gift bag for unusual shaped gifts.

      • Using ribbons can make your Christmas gift special. Ribbons come in variety of colors and stuffs. You can contrast the color of the ribbon with wrapping paper or you can select color that complements the paper color and design.

      • Ribbon bows are must to give the final touch to your gift. They are available in variety of style. They give a stylish look to the gift

      • Use only high quality paper because poor quality papers are so thin that you can see the gift through it or it rips. Good quality wrapping papers are available in more stylish designs and colors.

      You need to buy lots of things to complete your Christmas gift wrapping task. At CouponPark.com you can have Christmas Deals that can save you a lot of money on your orders.

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      Top Travel Destinations for fall in USA

      Friday, October 19th, 2012

      Many people say that any time is the perfect for a romantic trip, but the fall season has its special charms. In fall, anywhere you travel in the US there is a whole world of natural and man-made wonders to see. Mentioned below are the top travel destinations in USA for fall that will make your trip unforgettable.

      Baton Rouge, Louisiana

      Baton Rouge is the home of Saturday night football games at Death Valley and Louisiana State University. It is completely energized in the fall. This beautiful city has one of the most highly praised Halloween attractions: the 13th Gate. This huge haunted house also has a 40,000-square-foot graveyard which can be really creepy.

      Greenville, South Carolina

      This emerging foodie destination hosts its biggest festival in the second weekend of October and provides offerings from 40 local restaurants, plus wine and beer tastings, a jalapeno-eating contest, cooking demonstrations and live music. Greenville attracts those planning a fall mountain getaway and is becoming a highlight on the tourism calendar of South Carolina.

      Albuquerque, New Mexico

      Instead of fiery leaves, Albuquerque’s fall attraction is a sea of hot air balloons. The annual Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta attracts thousands of visitors eager to watch, photograph and ride the balloons as well as enjoy the local food and activities. The visitors can also see Mother Nature’s autumnal show, especially if they go to the mountains.

      Austin, Texas

      Austin is the state capital, college town and popular year-round destination. This city also hosts back-to-back international festivals. First is the Austin City Limits, eight stages and nine hours a day of rising stars and new sounds. After that the city turns itself towards the movie industry for eight nights during the Austin Film Festival and Conference.

      Fall is the perfect time of the year to plan a trip. Now you can comfortably plan your trip and you don’t have to worry about the cost because Travel Coupons can help you a lot in saving a huge amount of money.

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